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    Who we are

    The Health Innovations Kenya (HIK) NGO initially started as The Research Care and Training Programme (RCTP) which was registered as an NGO under the NGO Coordination Act of 1990 in 2007. It was established to carry out medical and social research; provide and support the provision of holistic health care; conduct and support local and international training; and collaborate with governments, institutions, corporations and individuals in Kenya and internationally on all of the above. The second part of the name FACES stood for Family AIDS Care and Education Services (FACES) program which was founded in September 2004 through collaboration between the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) to advance comprehensive, coordinated and compassionate health services to HIV-affected families in Migori, Homabay, Kisumu and Nairobi counties. The RCTP NGO was re-registered as RCTP-FACES in 2013 combining the two names to harness on the previous existence of RCTP unit and the gains of the FACES program. It was later re-registered as Health Innovations Kenya in 2019 to help distinguish it from the RCTP unit and the FACES project. HIK has significant and combined expertise and experience that allows it to provide quality research, health care and training.

    Our Core values

    • Compassion: All HIK staff should show compassion to the clients served by the program

    • Teamwork: All HIK should work together as a team

    • Competence: Each employee must demonstrate an understanding of their role and of high quality service provision

    • Respect: Each member of HIK and the its customers deserve to be shown respect

    • Customer Focus: The greatest beneficiary of our services should be our customers

    • Integrity: High levels of discipline, accountability, honesty should be the mainstay of our organization in all aspects

    Our Mission

    Promotion of healthy societies through research, provision of health services and capacity building

    Our Vision

    HIK envisions being the global center of excellence in research, capacity building, innovative healthcare, and advocacy for human health.

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